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Want to bring glow on your face?

What to eat to bring glow on your face?

Nowadays everyone wants to look beautiful and people should praise them. Many boys want their face to be immaculate, beautiful and bright and blossoming. Everyone wants that there should be no spots, scars, freckles, wrinkles on their face. And for this, they use many cosmetic things due to which their face gets worse and they get frustrated. Friends, there can be many reasons for bad face, the main reason for which is to tell you.

Due to bad face: -

Excessive exposure to harsh sunlight and exposure to polluted environment causes the face to deteriorate.

Due to irregular eating, the face does not get fast and does not look bright.

The beauty of the face is reduced due to being under stress in large quantities.

A 20-year-old boy with a more stressful life also seems to be 35 years old nowadays.

Stain spots appear on the face due to the use of many cosmetic things to enhance beauty.

Many times the medicines that are eaten due to some diseases also have side effects, which results in the face.

Lack of sleep is also a major reason for poor face.

The beauty of the face disappears even by many types of intoxication, and a person looks 35 years old instead of 20.

These are some of the main reasons due to which the face of the human gets spoiled. Now we talk about what to eat to bring glow to the face

What to eat to bring glow to the face: -

Beta carotene found in carrots has been shown to be beneficial in keeping the skin healthy. That is why consume carrots regularly.

Do have breakfast in the morning, because breakfast in the morning proves helpful in keeping you active till noon.

Be sure to include milk, egg, walnuts, almonds, fresh juice, bread, etc. in breakfast. Protein and fiber are found in all these, which are very beneficial for the face. Due to this, there is no friction on the face and the heart also remains healthy.


VitaminA is found in Amla which produces collagen. So it would be right for you to take amla. It gives a glow to the skin.

To keep face fast, consume buttermilk, capsicum, beans, sprouts, pulses, soybeans, fish, fruits, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, etc. in bulk.Vitamin C is found in apple, which is very beneficial for health, that is why you should eat 1 apple a day.

Make sure to eat green vegetables, it makes the skin glow and your health also remains intact.

The basic acid found in strawberries improves skin, so make sure to include strawberries in your diet.

Be sure to sleep for at least 8 hours because you will see yourself active when sleep is complete. And drink plenty of water.

Friends, these were some tips that will be beneficial in keeping your face fresh and bright. Friends, I would like to say once again that you are as far away from cosmetic things as possible. Because many cosmetic things are found chemical, which prove very harmful for your face. And try to stay away from foods as much as possible. Before using any kind on your face, please consult the doctor.


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