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Will coronavirus attach to food items?

Will coronavirus attach to food items?

The probability of virus contamination to vegetables, meat, and fruits through droplets and direct contact is very low. Wash vegetables, meat, and fruits with running water after buying them. Remember not to eat raw food. Vegetables and meat should be fried and cooked. Fruits should be peeled as much as possible. Cutting boards and knives for handling raw and cooked food should be separated. The virus can be killed at a temperature of 56 ° C for 30 minutes while cooking and other temperatures can reach 100 ° C or higher. You should also remind everyone to wash your hands in time after handling them. At present, whether the new coronavirus is transmitted through the fecal-oral route (digestive tract), although it is still to be further clarified, by washing the food and cooking, washing hands "before and after the meal" can prevent the virus from spreading through the digestive tract.
According to the available scientific data, there is no evidence that humans will spread new coronavirus pneumonia through food. Nevertheless, the winter and spring seasons have always been a season of the high incidence of viral pneumonia and respiratory infectious diseases. In addition to paying attention to personal hygiene, including wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and reducing the number of crowded places, the World Health Organization has also proposed The following recommendation has been made to reduce the risk of contracting new coronavirus pneumonia:

Nutritional dietary guidelines for the prevention and treatment of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus 

1. Enough energy, 250-400 grams of cereals and potatoes per day, including rice, flour, grains, etc .; to ensure adequate protein, mainly high-quality protein foods (150-200 grams per day), such as lean meat, fish, Shrimp, eggs, soybeans, etc., try to ensure one egg per day, 300 grams of milk and milk products (yoghurt can provide intestinal probiotics, you can choose more); increase the intake of essential fatty acids through a variety of cooking vegetable oils, especially single Vegetable oil of unsaturated fatty acids, the total fat energy supply ratio reaches 25-30% of the total dietary energy.

2. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. More than 500 grams of vegetables per day, 200-350 grams of fruits per day, choose dark fruits and vegetables.

3. Ensure adequate water consumption. 1500-2000 milliliters per day, several times a small amount, mainly drink plain water or light tea. Before and after dinner soup, fish soup, chicken soup, etc. are also good choices.

4. Resolutely stop eating wild animals and eat spicy and spicy food.

5. People with poor appetite, under-eating, the elderly, and patients with chronic diseases can use fortified food, special medicine
Use Formula food or nutrient supplements, an appropriate amount of protein and micronutrients such as vitamins B, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D

6. Ensure adequate sleep and moderate physical activity, physical activity time is not less than 30 minutes. Increase the sunshine time appropriately.


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