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Pink eyes can also be a sign of corona virus,Chinese expert

Pink eyes can also be a sign of corona virus:Chinese expert

Conjunctivitis: What Is Pink Eye? - American Academy of Ophthalmology

Bijang: Chinese gynecologists said after studying 38 people infected with the novel corona virus, 12 of them had pink eyes and also had corona virus in their tears.

This means that suddenly turning pink without any apparent cause for the eyes can also be a possible sign of coronary disease "Covid 19", even if there are other symptoms.
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It should be noted that the condition of pink eyes is called "conjunctivitis" in medical science, while its public name is "ascites"; and it is a common eye disease.

That is why experts also say that if there is only tinnitus but no symptoms like nausea, colds and difficulty breathing, then there is a strong possibility that it will not be caused by the novel corona virus.
Hubei province has been the epicentre of the outbreak of COVID ...

A report published in the latest issue of the online research journal "JAMA ophthalmology" states that the 38 patients studied in this study belong to the Chinese province of "Hubei". 

According to the description, where the novel corona virus attacks the respiratory system, it also affects the "conjunctiva" transparent layer of the eye, causing the skin's color to change. It turns pink.

Researchers said that the addition of pink eyes as a symptom in the immediate and effective diagnosis of the corona virus would help in the timely diagnosis of Covd19 as well as proper care of the patient.

In addition, this study suggests extra caution in touching and rubbing the eyes as the virus can potentially spread to tears from the eyes.


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