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Common nail problems

Learn the secret of health with nails

Nails can expose your health secrets because, according to medical experts, "nails refer to a person's physical health." The hallmark of healthy nails is that they are smooth and uniform in color. " If the color or texture of your nails suggests irregularities, it may also be related to your physical weakness or illness. Let us know what experts said about this.

Flawless or yellow nails

Too much yellow or yellow on the color of the nails indicates serious or dangerous disease.
Anemia or anemia. It is a disease in which people suffering from hemoglobin or blood glucose deficiency.
Congestive Heart Failure. It occurs when the heart does not get enough blood.

Dark nails and white color

If the color of your nails is dark and very white, then the color of the nails may indicate liver problems, such as hepatitis. Hepatitis is commonly referred to as liver inflammation, which causes a viral infection. Clinicians divide hepatitis into three types A, B and C.

Yellow colored nails

Sudden yellowing of the nail color may indicate a fungal infection. The infection is caused by different bacteria invading different parts of the human body. The infection causes the nails to be very thick and easily broken. Abnormally marked diseases such as yellowing of the nose, severe type of thyroid, lungs, diabetes and psoriasis (an itch or a skin disease characterized by heat rash).

Floral and curved nails

If the skin around your nails is swollen and red, it indicates inflammation in the nails. On the other hand, it can also be the result of a defect in the tissues. An infection in the tissues causes the skin to turn red around the nails and cause inflammation.

Blue color of nails

If the color of your nails is rapidly turning blue, it may be that the color may be hidden for many reasons.
 The nail's blue color indicates an inadequate amount of oxygen.
Blue colored nails are associated with lung diseases such as emphysema (a condition in which the airways spreading to the lungs are abnormal or unnaturally enlarged).
Different types of heart diseases are also associated with nail paints.

Underneath the nails lay black lines

If you have dark lines at the bottom of your nails, you need to consult a medical specialist immediately because this is one of the symptoms of early cancer.

Surface nails scratched nails

If the upper surface of your nails is rough or level, it may be an early sign of diseases such as joint inflammation and psoriasis. The inner surface of these nails is usually brownish brown.

Abnormal breakage of nails

It is common for nails to break when an injury or something quickly opens. However, if your nails are abnormally broken, then this could indicate a serious disease like thyroid. If the color of the broken nails is yellow, this color also indicates a fungal infection.

Liver diseases

 Poor nutrition (eg body not getting balanced diet)
However, nail polish may also be one of the reasons why nails are yellow in women.


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