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Good fragrance can restore old memories, Expert,

Good fragrance can restore old memories, expert.

Clairalience or Clairessence, Gift of Smell - Body Mind Spirit ...
Memory is a specific process of organizing, retaining experience to use it in the future or return to the realm of consciousness. Memory is the most important factor that connects the three paths of man: past, present, and future. It is also the most important cognitive function that underlies human learning and development.
Healing Through Your Sense of Smell

According to a study of memory, it can be argued that it is present at all levels of life and is not only a process of storing and transferring experiences but also transmitting information about hereditary nature.

Memory processes are memorization, retention of received material, reproduction and forgetting. There are many types of memory: short-term, operative, long-term, autobiographical, reproductive, associative, reconstructive, episodic, verbal-logical, motor, imaginary, emotional, implicit, internal, external,

In this way, memory is a reflection of reality, its reinforcement, preservation, and reproduction of experience gained. Therein lies its meaning. After all, these seemingly logical functions are vital to a person.
In this way, memory is a reflection of reality, its reinforcement, preservation and reproduction of experience gained. Therein lies its meaning. After all, these seemingly logical functions are vital to a person.
Boston: Neurologists say after a recent study on rats that not only can the scent change our memory process, it can also rekindle old and forgotten memories.
To be clear, there has been an assumption for years that says old memories can be refreshed and restored through perfume. However, there was no empirical evidence.

Hippocampus | Facts, Position In Brain, Summary & FunctionExperts have learned by now that a part of the brain "hippocampus" plays a central role in creating new memories. As long as these memories are in the hippocampus, they are full of details and "colorful" in away.
However, after some time, these memories migrate to the "prefrontal cortex" in the front of the brain, where they usually work during sleep. After going through this process the memories become firmly in our minds but they lose their color and detail.
Similarly, if the hippocampus is affected, memory is affected, as is often seen in patients with Alzheimer's disease. The question before the experts was, can the scent solve this condition? And if so, how does the scent affect our brain?
Brain and neurologists at Boston University decided to experiment on mice to find out.
Things Mice Don't Want You to Know | Reader's Digest
During these experiments, rats were given lightweight and harmless types of electrical shock that affected their memory. After that, half of the mice were smeared with almonds, while the other half were left untreated.
The next day, and again after another twenty days, when hippocampus activity was assessed in these mice, it was found that the hippocampus was performing well in the rats that had received almond scent. However, in rats that did not smell any such perfume, the performance of the hippocampus was constantly affected.
Experts don't know why this happens, but they hope this research will benefit those suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia, or memory loss due to mental and neurological trauma.


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