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Coronavirus can be hidden in these corners of the house, OMG

Coronavirus can be hidden in these corners of the house, OMG

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There is a 21-day lock down in India, including the world over, to avoid coronavirus, so that the number of infections does not increase. Although people have to come out to bring home essentials, you know that when you return home from outside, inadvertently bring the virus home with you. Due to some of your mistakes, this virus can be present in many things in your home and also infect you. Let us know in which corners of the house you can come in contact with this virus and you have to follow which protocols to fall before and after coming home.

Towel and handkerchief

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If you have gone out of the house and wiped your face or hand with a towel as soon as you come, it can prove to be dangerous for you. Firstly you clean the face and hands with soap, then only wipe them with a towel or handkerchief. Repeatedly use the same towel to wipe the face, hands, and feet, so avoid doing so. Towels contain the most bacteria, so it is important to hang your towel in the sun and wash it every other day.

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Some people often wear gloves when cleaning homes or kitchens. Wear any gloves outside and open the gloves without leaving them clean. In this case, the coronavirus can reach it. Whenever using it, clean it thoroughly in warm water.


You will be leaving for a day or two to bring the essential goods out of the house. If an infected person sneezes or coughs within a meter outside, his virus is present in the air for three hours. When you go to the same place, the virus can also stick in your hair. Now every day you will not have to shampoo the hair. When you sleep at night, this deadly virus can pass on your pillow. In such a situation, the pillow cover may also be unsafe for you. It is better to go outside with a cap or a headscarf, tied with a handkerchief. Keep changing the pillow cover every two-three days.
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Door Mats, Carpets

Doormats placed on the doors of the house, coronavirus can also reach the carpet in the hall, that too through you. When you come home from outside, viruses and bacteria can enter your house through your shoes. Whatever items you bring, without cleaning them on carpets, mats, etc., Coronavirus can easily become a threat to you by reaching here.


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The clothes you wear and go to bring, come home and put them in the washing machine or surf water. If an infected person sneezes or coughs accidentally on the outside, then through droplets, they can be stuck on your clothes.

Remote control, mobile
When you touch the TV, such remote without washing your hands with soap or touch mobile, laptop, etc., then you increase your risk. Such gadgets are the best places to hide bacteria and viruses. Thoroughly clean these things every day with a sanitizer.

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