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Coronavirus can affect the sensation of tasting and smelling.

Sensation of tasting and smelling can be affect by Covid 19

As we all know that Fever, dry cough, trembling, shortness of breath, nauseous feeling in the stomach, the tendency to cough are the most common symptoms of an infection by the COVID-19. Corona without a fever occurs, but on average in just over 10 percent of cases. Coronavirus complaints start on average 5 to 6 days after infection, sometimes with offshoots between 1 and 14 days.

The sudden sensation of smell can also be caused by a coronavirus, experts say.

 US experts have said that the smell and taste may decrease completely or to a large extent immediately after being infected with the coronavirus.

In this regard, Professor Carroll Yan said that the fever is still the first cause of the coronavirus, but with fatigue, it loses its taste and eliminates the sense of aroma or odor which are among the first symptoms of coronavirus.

'Our research shows that if you suddenly lose your senses of smell and taste, then there is a tenfold chance that it may be caused by someone else, but not by COVID 19 infection. That is why the sensation of smelling and tasting should be kept in particular, ”said Professor Carroll.

Dr. Carroll and colleagues reviewed 1480 patients who had flu or similar symptoms. All of them were tested from March 3 to 29. Of these, 102 patients tested positive and the remaining 1378 were negative. The focal point of the survey is that the coronavirus attacks the patient's senses. It is thought that the sensation of smelling and tasting starts to develop after two to four weeks of infection.
The report also says that after COVID 19 recuperated, most people begin to feel better about smelling and tasting, but some have reported that these two senses have not improved so far. The survey also revealed an interesting fact that corona tests of those who complained of sore throat and anxiety often came in negative.

Unfortunately, the sense of smell and taste can also be affected for a long time or permanently ... pseudosmia: the imagination of odors under the influence of strong emotions; ... In most cases, there has been an infection with a parainfluenza virus type 3. ... The taste and the feeling in the mouth become extra important.

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