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Coronavirus attacked more man than woman,WHY?

Heart Attack, which affects men most with coronavirus - what's the impact?

PET scan allows for earlier intervention after heart attackIf the world had a name that spelled fear, it was the coronavirus. The name of this virus is beautiful but dangerous to hear. It enters humans and suffocates the lungs and ultimately sucks the life out. Doctors warn that coronavirus attacks not only cause lung damage but also heart failure, diabetes, and cancer symptoms.

Worldwide, 15 million people have been affected by the corona. More than 75 thousand people have died. More than 4 thousand people are affected in India. Hundreds have died. Coronavirus is rapidly spreading around the world.
Worldwide coronavirus cases top 200,000, doubling in two weeksIn countries like China, Italy, Germany, and the United States, where coronavirus is most affected, men are more affected than women. Doctors have given some reasons why only men die of the disease. In China and Europe, 70 percent of people are infected with the coronavirus. The fact is that men are less immunized than women, despite their negligence.

Chromosome count

There are two types of chromosomes in men's chromosomes called XY. Women have the same type of chromosomes as XX. Women have more mental and physical strength than men. Immunity too. This is why men are more susceptible to diseases than women. Men are more prone to stress than women. This is why anger comes. Increases blood pressure.
COLUMN: Why it's good to cry | York Press

It is good to cry

Men tend to be denser and avoid crying if it is a problem. Mental health professionals say it is better to cry out if the problem is. Many single people are now sick. This affects mental courage. Even if you can't go to the temple, meditation and yoga can be fun at home.

Heart Attack

Not only the chromosome but also women have hormones that are naturally safe for women. Many people who have died of coronavirus virus have died of lung attacks and heart attacks. Coronavirus infection is the most common cause of hypertension and diabetes.
Protein infusion could reduce heart failure risk after heart attackNatural protection is more common in men than in women. The reason for this is the hormone estrogen secreted by women. This prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Similarly, women are safe inside the home. They are less likely to get infected with this virus.

Nutritious foods can be used as basil for lung care without respiratory problems. Likewise, ginger and garlic should be included in foods that are high in fat. Eat foods that increase vitamin D nutrients. We can stand for a while in the naturally available sunlight. During this period of curfew, a peaceful stay in the home is not enough.


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