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Apartment residents ask teacher to leave flat after her son sneezes.

Apartment residents ask Surat teacher to leave flat after her son sneezes

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A school teacher in Surat was told to vacate her flat by apartment residents who suspected that her two-and-half- year-old son, who was sneezing, “may be infected with COVID-19”.
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Radhika Manish Gamit, a teacher at Surat Municipal school no. 2 in Umra, had returned from her native place at Vyara taluka in Tapi district, after a six-month leave.
She had taken a new flat in Amar palace apartment, near Olpadi street, on rent from her colleague Jasuben Patel.
On Tuesday, while the 29-year-old woman entered the apartment, with her father and son, some of the residents noticed that her son was sneezing.
After she returned from work at the relief centre in her school, on the same night, the security guard told her that the president of the apartment did not want her to stay in the house as her son may have infected with coronavirus.
Later, apartment president Rajesh Patel and some other residents, asked her to leave the house.
My colleague Jasuben also came and tried to convince the residents, but they did not listen. On that night, the security guard came to my flat for four times and asked leave,” she said.
The teacher called up her school supervisor Hasan Shah, who also tried to convince the apartment residents.
Radhika and Hasan reached the Umra police station and sought help. Even as police called up the society president and told him that the mother and son do not have any disease, they did not allow to let her in.
“We also have children and they might get infected. For their sake, we did not allow her to stay in the apartment. She had told us that she and her son do not have any disease, but we don’t want to take risk,” apartment president Rajesh Patel said.
On Tuesday night, she left the flat and stayed at her school.
On Wednesday evening, Radhika’s brothers took them back to their native place .Radhika’s husband Manish Gamit is a teacher at a government school in Dahod.
“Even on humanitarian grounds of my son’s health, they did not allow me to stay in the flat. I even talked to my husband but he was also on emergency duty and could not come,” she added.
School supervisor Hasan Shah said, “We are in search of another house and we will shift her to another place once she returns.”

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