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Benefits of fasting

Fasting strengthens the immune system and protects against viruses and germs  While fasting in the month of Ramadan is a source of spiritual happiness and religious maturity for Muslims, it also has many medical benefits. One of the benefits of fasting for a few days is that the body begins to deplete glucose, after which the stem cell becomes active and begins to make new white blood cells. These cells naturally protect against the attack of many viruses and bacteria. In this regard, the University of Southern California said in a study years ago that starvation strengthens white blood cells and can also benefit people with security problems and cancer and HIV specialists. In the same way, fasting can help save us from the Corona epidemic. Experts even say that fasting stimulates stem cells and they begin to make new white blood cells that can even reorganize the entire immune system. The same study found that 70 hours of fasting can significantly reduce the to

Health benefits of watermelon you don`t know

The health treasures hidden in the refreshing watermelon Watermelon is a winter gift for which there is little to be thankful for. This cheap and delicious fruit is like a gift for summer on the one hand and full of valuable ingredients for our body on the other hand. Both traditional medicine and modern medical science recognize the importance of watermelon. Let us know which ingredients in watermelon are beneficial for our body and also protect us from diseases. Water and valuable ingredients Watermelon contains up to 90% water and its soft and delicious pulp contains vitamin A, many types of vitamin B, vitamin C, amino acids, lysopene and antioxidants. Surprisingly, it has very few calories. One cup of watermelon slices can have a total of 40 calories. The antioxidants in it prevent physical breakdown to the cellular level and prevent cancer. Amino acids are called protein bricks and the amino acids in them build the body. The red color of watermelon is due to

Health benefits of fruits

Fruits are excellent for health because they contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, in addition to being low in fat!  Eating fruit is good for health according to the National Nutrition Health program which recommends that everyone should eat five servings of fruits per day.  The nutritional benefits of fruits include a low energy density, the lack of cholesterol, usually a low-fat content and at the same time a high content of vitamins (vitamins B, vitamin C, carotene),  Let us know some unknown benefits of fruits Cashew nuts contain the anacardic acids which have the ability to kill gram-positive bacteria that causes tooth decay, acne, tuberculosis, leprosy, Francisella tularensis, streptococcus pneumonia.  Holding a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth with your tongue for 90 seconds can stop bad breath. The phytochemicals of cucumber can help to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.   Eating four almonds a day helps you

Common nail problems

Learn the secret of health with nails Nails can expose your health secrets because, according to medical experts, "nails refer to a person's physical health." The hallmark of healthy nails is that they are smooth and uniform in color. " If the color or texture of your nails suggests irregularities, it may also be related to your physical weakness or illness. Let us know what experts said about this. Flawless or yellow nails Too much yellow or yellow on the color of the nails indicates serious or dangerous disease. Anemia or anemia. It is a disease in which people suffering from hemoglobin or blood glucose deficiency. Congestive Heart Failure. It occurs when the heart does not get enough blood. Dark nails and white color If the color of your nails is dark and very white, then the color of the nails may indicate liver problems, such as hepatitis. Hepatitis is commonly referred to as liver inflammation, which causes a viral infection. Cli

How to reduce the belly fat?

Want  to get rid of belly fat try these To understand how to remove the fat in the stomach, you must first understand the reasons for their appearance. The main thing is overeating. This is not surprising, because food is the most primitive way to have fun. And now we have already started eating an extra portion that is placed directly on the waist. From constant overeating, the stomach is stretched, and then, to feel full, a person is forced to eat even more Fat first begins to accumulate in the abdomen and groin area. Therefore, most people are not obese but have belly fat. This belly is not actually bone and flesh, but fat, which slowly accumulates. The main causes of fat accumulating in this way are wrong eating, wrong lifestyle and some common mistakes. Now even in young people, cases of stomach upset have started coming up. Follow these steps which  You have brought some easy and effective remedies that can make the fat stored on your stomach disappear. Morning

Coronavirus can affect the sensation of tasting and smelling.

Sensation of tasting and smelling can be affect by Covid 19 As we all know that Fever, dry cough, trembling, shortness of breath, nauseous feeling in the stomach, the tendency to cough are the most common symptoms of an infection by the COVID-19. Corona without a fever occurs, but on average in just over 10 percent of cases. Coronavirus complaints start on average 5 to 6 days after infection, sometimes with offshoots between 1 and 14 days. The sudden sensation of smell can also be caused by a coronavirus, experts say.  US experts have said that the smell and taste may decrease completely or to a large extent immediately after being infected with the coronavirus. In this regard, Professor Carroll Yan said that the fever is still the first cause of the coronavirus, but with fatigue, it loses its taste and eliminates the sense of aroma or odor which are among the first symptoms of coronavirus. 'Our research shows that if you suddenly lose your senses of smell

Top 10 Health benefits of Tomato

 Health benefits by eating tomatoes you should really know about these.  The tomato, not only considerably improves the flavor of any stew, but it also provides many health benefits Tomato is one of the most used vegetables in the world, tomato is used prominently in Indian cuisine. Without it, it is not possible to think of salads, soups, vegetables, pickles, chutneys, catchups, etc. Tomato has many beneficial elements that enable it to cure diseases. that you should know and that we highlight below: 1. Tomato is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C. In the case of acidity problem, increasing the dose of tomatoes relieves this problem. 2. Tomato contains a lot of vitamin 'A', which is very beneficial for our eyes.  3. Tomatoes increase digestive power and also eliminates gas problems.  4. According to doctors, regular intake of tomato keeps the airways clean and cures cough, mucus. 5 Children are benefited by giving tomato juice in ca

Top tips to stay fit and active in lockdown

So follow these  tips to stay fit and active in lockdown In lockdown only exercise make you fit and diverts your mind with devil ideas,so e xercise is needed,while in lock down to make yourself fit.Try these at home. Even if you do not have much equipment, you can be very fit to exercise the home. Let's know some mantras of fitness at home. Warm up Warm-up at home is very important. For this you can stand and jump in one place. Stand upright and move both hands in line with the shoulders. Then bend the knees of the feet. Household items You can use household items to lift weights. Can hold heavy books, laptops or other weighty items etc. Depending on their capacity, they can hold heavy or light weight.                                                                      Push ups The first exercise is push-up which you do not need any equipment to do. You can do it according to your body. Do the need and keep increasing the set. Arms exerci

Will coronavirus attach to food items?

Will coronavirus attach to food items? The probability of virus contamination to vegetables, meat, and fruits through droplets and direct contact is very low. Wash vegetables, meat, and fruits with running water after buying them. Remember not to eat raw food. Vegetables and meat should be fried and cooked. Fruits should be peeled as much as possible. Cutting boards and knives for handling raw and cooked food should be separated. The virus can be killed at a temperature of 56 ° C for 30 minutes while cooking and other temperatures can reach 100 ° C or higher. You should also remind everyone to wash your hands in time after handling them. At present, whether the new coronavirus is transmitted through the fecal-oral route (digestive tract), although it is still to be further clarified, by washing the food and cooking, washing hands "before and after the meal" can prevent the virus from spreading through the digestive tract. According to the available scientific data,

Good fragrance can restore old memories, Expert,

Good fragrance can restore old memories, expert . Memory is a specific process of organizing, retaining experience to use it in the future or return to the realm of consciousness. Memory is the most important factor that connects the three paths of man: past, present, and future. It is also the most important cognitive function that underlies human learning and development. According to a study of memory, it can be argued that it is present at all levels of life and is not only a process of storing and transferring experiences but also transmitting information about hereditary nature. Memory processes are memorization, retention of received material, reproduction and forgetting. There are many types of memory: short-term, operative, long-term, autobiographical, reproductive, associative, reconstructive, episodic, verbal-logical, motor, imaginary, emotional, implicit, internal, external, In this way, memory is a reflection of reality, its reinforcement, preserva