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Schools cannot charge fees / Dr. Samon

Schools cannot charge fees for online lectures as a result of lockdown / Dr. Samon

School Fees - फीस के लिए प्रताडि़त किया तो ...
 The Jammu and Kashmir government has directed the schools to extend the deadline for submitting school fees by April 30 2020. Apart from this, no fee should be charged for online lectures / assignments. 

Asgar Hassan Samoon IAS Principal Secretary- Animal Husbandry Dept ...The order issued by the Secretary School Education Dr Asghar Hassan Samoon states that some private schools in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory have fixed the deadline for collecting school fees on 30th March, 2020 and they are sending different messages to students and parents. Insists on collecting school fees immediately. 

They further states that the government has received several complaints in this regard, in which authorities and concerned teachers from these schools have been asked by parents to submit assignments on the appointed day as a result of the current Corona virus situation. It is not possible for the students and parents to collect school fees till the due date and in this situation, it is unethical to put pressure on the parents and the students without any reason. Orders to extend the deadline for collecting school fees by 30% by April 2020. No late fees will be charged from the Lahore students.
Coronavirus News India: लॉकडाउन में फीस नहीं ...
 No fees will be charged for online / assignments provided to the children on home assignments. Jammu and Kashmir Union CBSE / All BOSE-affiliated private schools have been instructed to strictly comply with government-issued orders. Regarding the annual charging of schools, the government has directed the Directorate of Education / Kashmir to give all stakeholders, including parents and representatives of private schools, an opportunity to give their opinion and their recommendations a week. Submit to the Administrative Department inside.

 All the private schools have been asked to be strictly enforced by the government-issued directives otherwise they will be dealt with as necessary by law. Private schools take steps to provide home assignments to students in the WhatsApp and other ways.

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