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New Corona virus outbreak identified.

New Corona virus outbreak identified.

Why Bats Are Breeding Grounds for Deadly Diseases Like Ebola and ...It was previously believed that in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the 2019 Novel Corona virus was transmitted from bats to animals and then to humans, but it was not yet known what kind of organism it could be.

In a February study, Chinese scientists suspected that pandemonium-threatened pangolins could be the missing link in the spread of the virus between bats and humans.

The source of the new Corona virus is believed to be bats, but these birds are not sold in Wuhan's seafood market, which is considered the primary focus of the outbreak.

It is thought that the Corona virus has killed close to 29,000 people in more than 200 countries of the world, while more than 6 million 18 thousand have become ill.
2020 coronavirus pandemic in Asia - Wikipedia
A genetic analysis at the end of January proved that the genetic spread of the virus in humans is similar to 96 percent of the corona virus found in bats.
But at this time it was not known which animal caused the virus to spread to humans because there are numerous organisms that can transmit the virus to others, and almost all types of corona viruses can be transmitted to humans by wildlife.
Now a new study points to the link between bats and humans.
The new research, has found evidence that some of the pangolins have corona viruses that are currently linked to the world's largest pandemic coding-19 epidemic.
What is a pangolin? | Stories | WWF

This discovery led to the only mammals living after the pangolin bats that became victims of the Novel Corona virus.
The role of the penguins in the outbreak was not confirmed in this study, and their role has not been ruled out, but the results indicate that this animal likely played a role in the spread of the new corona virus.
According to the World Health Organization, bats are living organisms in which the nasal corona virus can be transmitted, but it is not transmitted directly from this bird to humans.
Pangolin is eaten in China and a few other countries, while its substrate-like skin is also used for traditional medicine.
It is illegal to eat pangolin meat in China, but it is still found there, most of the pangolins were also sold in the animal market, but after January 26, all such markets were closed on government orders.
In this new study, genetic sequences of different types of corona viruses detected in penguins resemble 88.5 to 92.4% of the new novel corona viruses.
During the research, scientists analyzed the tissues of 18 penguins that were recovered during anti-trafficking operations during 2017 and 2018.
Researchers discovered corona viruses in 5 of 18 pangolins samples.
He later repeated this process with samples of more pangolins and discovered corona viruses in them, after which he compared the sequences of the genomes of these viruses to the new novel corona virus.
Researchers said that genetic similarity is not enough to prove that pangolins are the only transient host that transmitted SARS Cov2 from humans to humans, but they did not rule out this possibility.
CerTest has released two kits for the diagnosis of coronavirus ...
They said the pangolins should be added to potential hosts of new corona viruses in the future.
Experts say that we welcome the results of this research, further research is needed in this regard, but other organisms that may have contributed to the spread of the outbreak to humans.
It is not yet known how the virus transmitted from a wild animal to another animal and then to humans.
But such a virus was discovered in the Malay Penguins in this study, which also raises the question of where the virus might have come from, since this genus of pangolin is found in other countries in Southeast Asia rather than China.

Environmentalists, on the other hand, say that the time has come for the international community to put an end to the illegal trade of this organism by pressuring governments.
Information regarding a possible host of the new corona virus will help prevent and control the new corona virus.
Identifying the organism that causes the spread of the Corona virus was one of the most important questions scientists are working to find out.
The corona virus is found in mammals, and bats are the only living organisms that have the ability to fly, and that is why the virus is transmitted to other animals and then humans.
Scientists have also previously discovered that corona virus is one of the possible causes of death in penguins and that all forms of it, including the novel corona virus, use the same receptor in humans.
Penguins: The Monogamous Tuxedoed Birds That 'Fly' Underwater ...
The pangolin breed poses survival risks that are banned from buying and selling globally, but it is also the most smuggled animal.
Even with the food market linked to the spread of this new virus, this animal is not included in the list of animals sold, but its illegal trade is very high.


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