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How long can the corona virus survive on different levels?

How long can the corona virus survive on different levels?

How long can coronavirus live on surfaces or in the air? - The ...
 Many scenes have become common in public places, such as trying to open people's doors with their tails, holding no handles while traveling on the train, cleaning their tables every day at the offices.

Authorities are spraying pesticides in buildings, parks and streets in areas where Corona has had a major impact.
Chinese government 'will spray disinfectant on an entire CITY ...

Hospitals, offices, shops have all grown up.
In some cities, some volunteers go out at night and clean the keypads of ATM machines.

Like many respiratory viruses that affect the respiratory system, the corona virus is transmitted through small drops that pass through the mouth and nose of a cough.

Up to 3000 drops may occur in a single cough.
The particles contained in the droplets fall on a surface, or on one's clothes, and some remain in the air.

There is also evidence that the virus is also present in human emissions, which is why people who do not wash their hands properly after using the toilet can damage what they touch.

In the United States, the CDC says that placing a hand somewhere where it is a virus and then placing the same hand on your face is not the main way to spread the virus.

COVID-19: How to Avoid Dry Skin After Washing Your Hands | TimeWash hands

Nevertheless, the CDC and WHO maintain that it is important to wash hands and clean the surface repeatedly to prevent the spread of the virus.
Although we do not yet know how many cases are due to touching the surface, experts say caution should be taken in this regard.

It is not yet clear how long the virus survives outside the human body. Some past research has found that similar viruses can last up to nine days on metal, glass or plastic if they are not cleaned properly.

At low temperatures, some can survive for up to 28 days.

Corona viruses are said to have the ability to survive on many types of surfaces. And researchers are just beginning to understand how the virus spreads.
Neelje van Durmalon, a virologist at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States, is one of the first to test these viruses on different surfaces.

Their research suggests that after coughing, the virus can remain in the air for up to three hours.

One to five micrometers of cough drops can last several hours in the air. This size is 30 times less than human hair.

That is, in a non-filtered AC system, it can only stay for a few hours as it drops quickly to surfaces where the wind is blowing.

However, NIH research has shown that the virus survives on the cardboard for up to 24 hours, and can last for two to three days on any surface of plastic and steel.

That is, it will last longer on door handles, tables, and other plastic coated surfaces. But researchers have found that on copper levels it dies in four hours.
How long the coronavirus can live on surfaces, and how to ...
Clean the surfers

Research has also shown that if a surface is cleaned with a solution containing 62 to 71 percent alcohol or 0.5 percent hydrogen oxide or domestic bleach, the corona viruses are eliminated within a minute.

Corona viruses die quickly, even at high temperatures and high humidity. Researchers say such corona viruses die at temperatures above 56 degrees Celsius, but it's hot enough that bathing in this temperature water can damage human skin.

So far, research has not revealed how long the virus lasts there, such as clothing or surfaces that are slightly more difficult to disinfect.
Vincent Munster, of Rocky Mountain Labs, says: "We think a surface where it can absorb as the clothes dry it out more quickly but stick to them.

Temperature and humidity are also involved in how long the virus can survive outside the human body. "We are doing more research on these two elements now to know how they are affected by the virus," says Vincent Munster.

He says the virus's ability to survive so long outside the human body shows the importance of washing hands and cleaning surfaces.


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