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A 22 year old USA resident test positive for coronavirus. She shared all her symptoms from day 1 to day
10 on Twitter to raise awareness among people about COVID 19.
            Confirmed cases for coronavirus pandemic are constantly increasing all around the world. People
have quarantined themselves to stay away from getting attacked by the deadly virus. World Health
Organisation has also set some guidelines to follow as prevention measures during this pandemic
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           Along with this, individuals who are affected by the COVID 19 virus are also sharing their stories
and struggles.Recently, a woman Bjonda Haliti, who claims to be affected with the virus has shared  her
story from having the symptoms to getting recovered from it.Her tweets have helped people to receive
stress during this pending outbreak. 
The 22 year old USA resident started to tweet when the intial symptoms of the disease showed up.She
researched her symptoms on the internet and choose to take rest for the entire day. She then visited the
doctor when things started to go downhill.
          Doctors prescribed her some medicines after mild symptoms showed up and recommended to stay
hydrated always.After having new symptoms, she tested herself for Coronavirus and kept herself
quarantined at home untill the result came. But the consumption of antibiotics improved her health and
she started to feel energetic again. However, after a few days, she tested positive COVID 19.
         Bjonda then immediately informed the people who were in contact with her. She is now in self
isolation as suggested by doctors and maintaining the guidelines as mentioned by the USA`s Centre for
Disease Control prevention (CDC).
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        This initiative of  Bjonda has helped people understand the actual symptoms of coronavirus and
what to do during such a situation. It will also increase awareness among people not to panic with cold
and cough during this outbreak.
          After remaining in this situation upto Day 6 with the  continue use of antibiotics and ibuprofen, my
symptoms were; sore throat, cough, shortness of breath. My energy level began to increase.
          In 7th day my symptoms were  slight sore throat, mild,shortness of breath. Energy levels increasing.
           In 8th day symptoms are mild cough, starting to feel like myself again energy!

           In day 9 symptoms; My cough was a little heavier, normal energy levels 


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