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Coronavirus lockdown day 1 live updates in india (24th march 2020)

Coronavirus lock down day 1 live updates

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According to WHO's globally, over 16,000 people have died, and more than 375,000 have been infected. March 24 update,
Based on a combination of numbers reported by the central Health Ministry, and updates from the States, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country on March 24 exceeds 580. As many as 11 people have died due to COVID-19.

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Among India's immediate neighbours, China has registered over 80,000 confirmed cases so far, according to the WHO. Over 3,000 people have died due to the virus. In Pakistan, over 800 confirmed cases and six deaths have been registered.

The lockdown will pay off, says Alappuzha survivor
He had his first tryst with a lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan, ground zero of the COVID-19 outbreak.
After receiving a text message in the early hours of January 23, he, along with his friends, scrambled to reach the Wuhan Tianhe international airport to catch a flight back home. With the lockdown already in place, the airport was closed by the time they reached there.
But the group was lucky enough to get into the last train heading to Kunming, some 1,800 km away. From there, they all boarded a flight first to Kolkata and landed in Kochi on January 24.
After reaching his house in Alappuzha, the 23-year-old medical student went straight into strict self-quarantine. The rest are known facts. He was tested positive for COVID-19 on February 2, the second such case in the country. But, in two weeks, the medical student became the first person in India to be cured of the disease.

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277 people evacuated from coronavirus-hit Iran reach Army facility in Jodhpur
A batch of 277 people evacuated from the coronavirus-hit Iran arrived at the Jodhpur airport in Rajasthan on Wednesday early morning, a defence spokesperson said.
He said preliminary screening of the evacuees, mostly pilgrims, was conducted at the airport upon arrival and thereafter they were taken to the Army Wellness Facility set up at the Jodhpur Military Station.
This map tracks the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across India's States, along with the number of Indian nationals and the number of foreign nationals affected. It also tracks the number of recoveries and deaths in each State, which are included in the total number of confirmed cases.
The map is updated based on a combination of numbers reported by the central Health Ministry, and updates from the States. 
In India, the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Kerala on January 30. Subsequently, two more cases were reported from the State.
Just when all the three cases recovered, a fresh spate of cases began, a bulk of them being Italian tourists visiting Rajasthan and other north Indian States.


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