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Coronavirus benefits results and achievements

Islam & COVID-19

Coronavirus benefits results and achievements "(Arab Scholar) Factionalism

The Corona virus has once again attracted humans to its humanity, to its creator and to its conduct.
Is this feat not enough?

Feat number 1
It closed all luxury centers around the world. Cinemas, nightclubs, dance halls, taverns, taverns and sexually suggestive centers. But also reduced interest rates.

Feat 2
It reunited families in their homes after a long separation.

Feat 3
It also prevented the unmarried and the non-female from each other.

Feat 4
It forced the World Health Organization to admit that drinking alcohol is a disaster, so it should be avoided.

Feat 5
It urged all health institutions to say that  predatory birds, blood, dead and diseased animals are destructive to health.

Feat 6
Despite Cautioning Against COVID-19, IS Supporters Describe Virus ...He taught humans how to sneeze, how to clean. What we were told by our Prophet 1450 years ago today.

Feat 7
It has shifted a third of the military budget to health.

Feat 8
He has described the mixing of the two sexes as "misogynistic".

Feat 9
It gave the rulers of some of the major countries of the world what it means to confine people in homes, to force them and to take away their freedom.

Feat 10
He has persuaded people to pray to God and ask for forgiveness and to renounce disbelief and sin.

Achievement No. 11
He wiped the pride of the proud and dressed them like ordinary human beings.

Feature No. 12
It drew on the world's poisonous gas and other pollution from factories that polluted gardens, forests, rivers and oceans.

Feature No. 13
It has attracted those who consider technology to be the Lord again.

Feat 14
It has persuaded rulers to fix the condition of prisons and prisons.

Feat 15
And the greatest achievement was that it attracted people to the oneness of Allah Almighty, preventing them from joining the polytheism.

Today, in practice, it became clear how seemingly a virus, but in fact, the inferior soldier of Allaah became a beneficiary of good for humanity rather than evil.

You guys! Do not send the Corona virus for good. It has come to your benefit that it will no longer be the same as it used to be.

May Allah keep you all in your care Ameen


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