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Corona virus deaths has reached 21,000. (26 march 2020)

Worldwide the number of Corona virus deaths has reached 21,000.

Worldwide, the number of victims exceeds 4 million;
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The rapidly spreading corona virus has badly affected 198 countries and according to the data so far, 21,000 people have lost their lives in the world, while the number of victims is more than 425 million. Is gone

Italy and Spain kill more than China;

Italy is the most affected country so far 7503 people have been killed due to the virus, while Spain is the most affected country after Spain where 47 thousand 610 cases were reported and 3434 people have been killed.

COVID-19 data as of 20 March: Total tests performed by country ...America also upset with Corona virus;                     

In the superpower America too, the Corona virus has caused the devastation, where more than 65,000 people have been affected.

Over 2,000 killed in Iran;

In Iran too, more than 27,000 people have been infected with the virus, out of which 2077 people have lost their lives. In France so far, the virus has killed 1331 people while the total number of cases is 25,233.

Game of our lives': African footballers in coronavirus-hit Italy ...African footballer killed by Corona;                                       
On the other hand, African footballer and Somali Minister of Sport Abdul Qader Mohd Farrah has died due to the Corona virus, the African footballer had a positive result of the Corona virus last week and was under treatment at London's Northwest Hospital these days.

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