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21 Days Will End This Fight With Coronavirus, MODI Said

21 Days Will End This Fight With Coronavirus, MODI Said

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again said that the only way to stop the verdict of the Covid-19 epidemic is to avoid crowds and keep sufficient distance from other people. He said that this virus does not discriminate and infect anyone. While talking to the people of Varanasi through video conference, Shri Modi said that despite being knowledgeable, some people should heed this warning. He is not giving it and it is unfortunate. He said that the battle of Mahabharata was given in 18 days and Karuna is fighting this battle against India which will take 21 days to fight the war of Mahabharata against the war of Mahabharata. At the time, Lord Shri Krishna's charioteer has to win this battle against 130 crore Indians, Kashi residents have a very big role in this, it is said about Kashi that Mukti ji M by Adani eat be the same.

COVID-19 | The OWHC in times of crisis - Organization of World ...Modi advised people to talk to their doctors before taking any medicine, they clearly said that there is no coronavirus medicine yet. He cautioned people not to trust rumors about the outbreak of infection. The Prime Minister made a report to inform about the Covid-19 infection. The WhatsApp helpline was also mentioned and there are more than 100000 people and even in India, get out of the clutches of Bolo Na, I want to also inform you that for the correct and accurate information related to which the government has put together a help on WhatsApp. Desk If you have the facility of WhatsApp, then  you can connect to this service on WhatsApp.(9013151515)

The Prime Minister also said that they are deeply distressed by the behavior of some people with doctors, crew members and employees associated with essential services.Mr. Modi said that strict action will be taken against such convicts. The Prime Minister also said that doctors and Nurses are incarnations of God and I am telling myself the lives of people by putting them in danger, so they should be respected by Shri Modi. He also urged that he should come forward to help the poor in this hour of crisis and help 9 poor families every day for the next 21 days.

Coronavirus crisis: India to be under complete lockdown for 21 ...

 The Prime Minister said that in this hour of disaster, Kashi can teach the nation the lesson of patience, compassion and peace along with showing people the path, Shri Modi spoke to the people of Varanasi Questions have also been answered by the Home Ministry. During 21 days, orders related to exempting some more people and services have been issued. Under these guidelines, the Ministry and its Wage and Accounts Officers and Regional Officers of the Financial Controller and Auditor General's Office operated by the Ministry of Supply of Goods and employees of Forest Department have exempted people engaged in baggage operations and coal mining activities at airports and railway stations in Bhilwara and other areas.


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