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Birds are the best engineers

  Birds are the best engineers  The term “bird’s nest” has come to describe a messy hairdo, tangled fishing line and other unspeakably knotty conundrums. But that does birds an injustice. Their tiny brains produce marvels that have long captured scientific interest as naturally selected engineering solutions. One effort to disentangle the structural dynamics of the  nest  is underway in the lab of  Hunter King , an experimental soft-matter physicist at the  University of Akron  in  Ohio . “We hypothesise that a  bird nest  might effectively be a disordered stick bomb, with just enough stored energy to keep it rigid,” King said. King and his colleagues seek to answer simple questions: What is the underlying mechanical principle behind the bird nest’s construction strategy? What are the statistically robust characteristics of “the nest state”? That is to say, what separates a nest from the same sticks and twigs collected into a tight bundle or scattered helter-skelter?

New Corona virus outbreak identified.

New Corona virus outbreak identified. It was previously believed that in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the 2019 Novel Corona virus was transmitted from bats to animals and then to humans, but it was not yet known what kind of organism it could be. In a February study, Chinese scientists suspected that pandemonium-threatened pangolins could be the missing link in the spread of the virus between bats and humans. The source of the new Corona virus is believed to be bats, but these birds are not sold in Wuhan's seafood market, which is considered the primary focus of the outbreak. It is thought that the Corona virus has killed close to 29,000 people in more than 200 countries of the world, while more than 6 million 18 thousand have become ill. A genetic analysis at the end of January proved that the genetic spread of the virus in humans is similar to 96 percent of the corona virus found in bats. But at this time it was not known which animal caused the virus

Schools cannot charge fees / Dr. Samon

Schools cannot charge fees for online lectures as a result of lockdown / Dr. Samon  The Jammu and Kashmir government has directed the schools to extend the deadline for submitting school fees by April 30 2020. Apart from this, no fee should be charged for online lectures / assignments.  The order issued by the Secretary School Education Dr Asghar Hassan Samoon states that some private schools in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory have fixed the deadline for collecting school fees on 30th March, 2020 and they are sending different messages to students and parents. Insists on collecting school fees immediately.  They further states that the government has received several complaints in this regard, in which authorities and concerned teachers from these schools have been asked by parents to submit assignments on the appointed day as a result of the current Corona virus situation. It is not possible for the students and parents to collect school fees till the due date

Coronavirus in India: 27 deaths, 1024 victims. 30 march 2020

Coronavirus in India: 27 deaths, 1024 victims. 30 march 2020 There have been 27 deaths from Corona virus in the country while the number of victims has risen to 1024. According to the Sunday Health Report, the wrath of the Corona virus has spread to 27 states and centrally administered areas of the country and till now. 1024 cases have been confirmed. They include 48 citizens from overseas.                               Corona virus infection has so far killed 27 people nationwide and recovered 96. Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have reported the highest number of infections so far. Six from Corona epidemic in Maharashtra, four in Gujarat, three in Karnataka, two in Delhi, two in Madhya Pradesh. Two, one each has been killed in Kerala, Bihar, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.  The government has constituted 11 empowered groups under the Comprehensive and Integr

How long can the corona virus survive on different levels?

How long can the corona virus survive on different levels?  Many scenes have become common in public places, such as trying to open people's doors with their tails, holding no handles while traveling on the train, cleaning their tables every day at the offices. Authorities are spraying pesticides in buildings, parks and streets in areas where Corona has had a major impact. Hospitals, offices, shops have all grown up. In some cities, some volunteers go out at night and clean the keypads of ATM machines. Like many respiratory viruses that affect the respiratory system, the corona virus is transmitted through small drops that pass through the mouth and nose of a cough. Up to 3000 drops may occur in a single cough. The particles contained in the droplets fall on a surface, or on one's clothes, and some remain in the air. There is also evidence that the virus is also present in human emissions, which is why people who do not wash their hands pro